Hi there, my name is Annegien van Doorn. I’m a visual artist, but at birthday parties and on official documents I call myself a photographer.

This is what I look like in a museum

I prefer taking images over writing about myself. That’s why I never wrote about myself. Luckily some others did:

Nice to meet you, miss Annegien van Doorn / Polpettas

Ones to watch 2014 / British Journal of Photography

Kennerskeuze Erik Kessels / Vrij Nederland (dutch)

Schoon, vies, even schoon en weer vies / NRC (dutch)

Effecting Alternatives: Annegien van Doorn at Foam / Bmore Art

Alles is iets anders / NRC Lux (dutch)


Some official details about my life:

CV Annegien van Doorn


And for those who are still up for more, check these video portraits made by BredaPhoto and Foam: