Kids’ Stuff

People often say my work reflects a childlike imagination; that I’m doing things children love to do (but are not always allowed to). When I encounter everyday objects I touch them, play with them, try to pull them apart and turn them upside down, as if I‘m holding them in my hands for the first time, not knowing what they’re for.

I believe transforming an object – altering its function, meaning and character, effectively turning it into another object – is a compellingly creative act. And I believe everyone is a potential transformer. Just have a look at this zine in front of you. All the black and white images and the three spreads were made by 12-year olds from Almere during a number of master classes I taught for Kunst Is Dichterbij dan je Denkt [KIDD – art is closer than you think]. The portraits are made in collaboration with the portrayed: Club Foam members at their annual dinner and future students of AKV|St. Joost in Breda during the art school’s open days.

The zine also comes with a special edition print. Interesting images arose accidentally during the process of creating the master screens and the fine tuning of the Risograph machine. I’ve selected the 20 most appealing accidents for this edition. So all images are unique and it will be impossible to recreate them again. 

The design of the zine is made by Maartje Slijpen.