Meet the german

These series of photos show an encounter with Germans through their objects. I appropriate typical German objects like beer, sausages and homemade chopped meet hedgehogs and use the cliché stigma that Germans have an obsession to order and archive to demonstrate their cultural peculiarities. The hole punch is not for nothing a German invention.

The images contain different layers. The hazelnut wafers from German supermarket chain Lidl are stacked in a way that resembles an old socialistic residential complex. At the same time they refer to the photographs of Andreas Gursky.  In the German beer glasses we can easily distinguish a group of persons, but it could also be a collection of golden cups. Don’t they transmit the confidence of a winning team?

All in all these series are a combination of self-portraits and still lives, which reflect on the stereotypical view of our neighbors. Ordinary objects become cornerstones of absurd situations and obtain a new meaning.

Commissioned by Goethe Institut