Various Perspectives of my Room

These series of photos I took in my room (16m2) in Barcelona, focused on the personal adjustments, solutions and distribution of things within this specific place. By subtle interventions I accentuated different situations and I added an extra dimension to daily reality. These various perspectives show the different ways I confront myself, not only with the space and everyday life, but also with the traces I left in the process of settling myself in this new environment.

“Our mode of being in this world, that is our ability to insert ourselves into the present and to make the meaning of our time memorable and affirmative, is like the practice of renting an apartment. The space is borrowed, the structures are given, and the possibility of dwelling is not infinite. However, the practice of living is neither closed nor predetermined by the¬†architecture¬†of the building. We enter the apartment with our baggage, furnish it with our memories and hopes, and make changes which give form to our needs and desires. The order in which our belongings are arranged is like the fingerprint of our social identity.”

Michel de Certeau