Eye Will Follow

This work is commissioned by Paradiso’s Small Museum. Paradiso is a famous music venue in a former church in Amsterdam and the Small Museum is situated in one of the cabinets at the facade (which used to function as the church’s notice board). Paradiso is also known as Pop Temple. Nowadays it’s not God who’s being worshiped in the church, but pop culture.

Eye Will Follow depicts an altar for worshipping music. The title is borrowed from U2’s breakthrough hit “I Will Follow” about the death of Bono’s mother. It also refers to how pop stars are being followed by their fans.
The drumsticks in the picture become an object of devotion, whereas the same drumstick in the cabinet remains an ordinary object. It is a metaphor for how some of us become idolized and are given a godlike status.


Eye Will Follow is supported by Niemeijer Fonds