Get bored!

Doing nothing? Enjoying being alone with your thoughts? Most people are not at ease doing this, American social psychologists discovered. Research shows that we rather give ourselves an unpleasant electric jolt than being bored. Doing something (even if it is ‘hurting yourself’) is better than doing nothing, is their conclusion.
Nevertheless, this photo series is a plea for boredom. I am convinced that we are bored far too little. Once boredom arises, we immediately grab our smartphone and swipe the boredom away.

Boredom is essential for my artistic practise. The moment I have nothing to do, I am very aware of the world around me. A concentration arises where I can marvel about the most basal things. Therefore, I started getting bored on purpose for this photo series. And by doing so: a visit to the toilet became a journey with the discovery of a shark, the shadow of my books projected a skyscraper on the wall and cleaning the kitchen turned into the creation of abstract art.

My suggestion to you is the next time you are bored, don’t immediately turn on the television, open the newspaper or call a friend. Look around carefully. Do you see anything that’s particularly drawing your attention? Something you had never seen before? Probably not: that means you’re on the right track. You’re about to become really bored. Keep on looking and try to focus: just maybe, certain objects slowly will start changing shape. They can take on human characteristics for example. Of course you can also help out the objects. Place an object in a different situation or use it in a way for which it was not originally intended. All you need to do is to take a good look around and preferably don’t feel ashamed about it. Remember, everything is possible, it is just a matter of looking carefully!


Commissioned by Weekblad De Standaard