Circuform is a new brand that gives industrially designed furniture a circular life. With honest furniture made from recycled materials, long-lasting and fully recyclable, they make a positive contribution to a sustainable world. A world in which we minimise the use of expensive new raw materials and maximise reuse. 
For REX, one of the first chairs they’ve produced, I’ve created a manual with REX’s designer Ineke Hans to explain the different ways the chair gets a truly circulair life:
1. An award-winning design gets a second life.
2. Fishing nets and industrial waste are being used for a second time.
3. Newly designed moulds to produce chairs with lowest possible ecological impact.
4. The chair can be returned locally for a guaranteed deposit of 20 euros.
5. Returned chairs are checked, cleaned, repaired if necessary and sold again.
6. Broken chairs are shredded into raw material for a second production.
Commissioned by Circuform